LOG Setup Guide

This page is for customers who have purchased a Loop On Ground Kit from LMK Technical Solutions. It provides additional information on how to build and install your Loop On Ground antenna. This page will be updated with various revision information and useful hints/tips.


Kit updated to include 5 steel ground pegs for securing transformer and loop to soft ground.
16/08/2023Kit updated with Rev 1.1 PVB and Rev 1.1 build guide

Build Guide

Rev 1.1 (Latest) - Click to download

Package Contents

You package will contain some or all of the items below depending on which version was ordered.

Transformer, 50 Ohm (BNC) or 75 Ohm (F Type) version:

Loop fittings (sent with transformer only orders):

Element, 60' or 100':

Ground pegs:

** ground pegs image **

Assembly and install of loop

You can follow this guide if you ordered a pre made loop element or if you have made your own. The distances mentioned here are for a 60′ loop (100′ loop in brackets) so please adjust for any custom loop sizes. This guide assumes installation on soft ground like grass.

Locate a suitable space to install the antenna. This needs to be a square of at least 15′ (25′) per side.

Identify where you would like the feed point of the antenna to be located. The standard and suggested location is one of the corners and the pre made loop element is marked with black heat shrink at the correct locations to make installing very easy. You can place the feed-point in centre of a side if needed but the markings on the pre made loop element will not be correct and you will have to measure the correct spacing to install.

Although the antenna is omnidirectional, it does exhibit a small amount of directivity so take this into account when choosing a feed-point location. The maximum gain will be across the corners next to the feed-point.

Place the transformer on the ground at the chosen corner then uncoil the element and lay loosely around the perimeter of your location starting from the transformer location.

Connect both ends of the element to the transformer via the stainless steel terminals. Remove the wing nut and shake proof washer, place the ring terminal over the stud then replace the shake proof washer and tighten the wing nut. Now is a also a good time to install your chosen coax and apply some self amalgamating tape or coax seal to the connection. I also suggest that you smear some Vaseline or lithium grease over the loop connections to help keep them free from corrosion.

Place the transformer on the ground and fix in place using 2 of the supplied ground pegs.

Starting from the transformer, hold the loop element and walk along until you find the first marker. This is a short length of black glue lined heat shrink and is placed at the 15′ (25′) mark, Lay the element on the ground, and use one of the supplied ground pegs to fix the element in place.

Repeat this step for the remaining two corners to complete your antenna.